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SkyWeblabs is a great WordPress malware removal company in India and security service to Identifying malware. It is fully automated malware removal lets you clean malware on your site without waiting for days or hours.

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Identifying the Malware on your WordPress Site

It’s safe to say you don’t want your dream WordPress site to be hacked or have to deal with any unwelcome scenarios that compromise your WordPress site’s security. But, unfortunately, every WordPress site owner faces security vulnerabilities, whether you run a large or small online business.


As a result, now is the best time to run a malware and malicious code scan on your WordPress site. Because many beginners don’t immediately install a WordPress security scanner, malware or malicious code can go undetected for a long time. Even if your WordPress site is not hacked or affected, you should still learn how to scan your WordPress site for malicious code. It will help you protect your website against future attacks.


Before we go any further, let’s look at how you can tell if your website has been hacked. These steps will help you identify malware and prepare you for resolving possible critical issues in the future.

Make a backup of your WordPress site

It’s quite important to have a backup file of your website before doing anything. You could lose all of your important files and data if you don’t, so ensure you have a solid backup of your WordPress site.

You can do this in two ways, depending on whether you have access to your site or not.

  • Go to File Manager and right-click the public_html directory, then choose Compress. Then, by right-clicking on the archive and downloading it, save it to your computer.
  • After that, go to Site Manager > Connect Navigate to the document root of your website in the left box. Right-click the public_html directory in the right box and select Archive. Once the archive has been created, right-click it and choose Download.

Alternatively, if you do have access to your site, then you have to use any WordPress backup plugin, in this case. And then follow the instructions.

How Does Skyweblabs Instant Malware Removal Work

Wordpress malware removal
Hacked site alert


Log onto the Skyweblabs dashboard to view site hack details once the scan is complete.

Wordpress malware removal
Click Auto-clean


Worry not, just start the automatic cleaning process with a single click. Yes, it’s that simple!

Wordpress malware removal
Sit back and relax


Now leave the heavy lifting to us, and in just a few short minutes, your site will be squeaky clean!