Email Spamming

SkyWeblabs Technologies is the Best Email Protection company and Email anti-spamming technology is used to prevent malicious content from being delivered via email. These Email spamming tools scan email messages, content, and attachments for potential threats and then filter or block suspicious messages from being delivered. Administrators can whitelist approved content or senders while also blacklisting or blocking communications from suspicious parties.

Companies use email anti spamming tools to prevent their employees from being misled through phishing attacks or compromising local networks when downloading malware. They also prevent employees from delivering information to misidentified users, saving the business from potential breaches.

All secure email gateway software possesses anti-spam or email filtering capabilities, but those tools also have additional features for comprehensive spam filtering, email encryption, and information archiving.

To qualify for inclusion in the Email Anti-Spam category, a product must:

  • Filter email content for malware or viruses
  • Identify mislabeled senders or potential phishing attempts
  • Provide blacklisting or blocking capabilities to restrict communication with suspicious parties

Best Email Protection company Email anti-spamming SkyWeblabs

SkyWeblabs Email Protection

Available as an on-premise or cloud based solution; blocks unwanted, malicious, and impostor email, with granular search capabilities and visibility into all messages. Outbound controls include encryption and data loss prevention, while continuity capabilities ensure business communications can continue as normal in the event of an email outage. With SkyWeblabs Email Protection, you can protect your people, data, and brand from today’s threats with:

  • The ability to detect BEC or malware-free threats using our machine learning impostor classifier (Stateful Composite Scoring Service).
  • Nearly unlimited email routing capabilities utilizing our advanced email firewall.
  • Robust reporting and email tracking/tracing using Smart Search.
  • TAP, DLP, and Encryption built into the same console providing a single pane of glass for management purposes.
  • Unwanted email management that allows users to decide which emails they would like to see in their inbox.